Community Development Plan


Research Centreville is designated a Residential Growth Center under Municipal Planning Strategy: What does that mean? Municipal taxes amount paid – dollar value of services received – fair return? Municipality is directing residential growth in Centreville, yet the residents have little say – what should be done? The Municipal Government Act permits Council to have community groups to provide input. Why has Council not fostered the creation of these groups by adopting new policies? Under new Municipal Government Act, Centreville cannot become a hamlet or village. Should Municipal Government provide tax moneys to Centreville so as to support a community group that provides community input to Council’s deliberations?
Plan Centreville needs a Secondary Land Use Strategy as part of the Municipal Planning Strategy to ensure community input into future development planning; Council watchdog committee to know what is going on in Council; Development map (Land use map) posted in Community Hall to assist residents’ understanding of development in their community; Have Council recognize CDCDA as a single voice of community on development issues and development; Membership in Centreville with a Future Development Plan; Teams to address zoning problems.
Fund Are Centreville rate payers prepared to accept an additional levy in order to exercise more control and direction on development in their community? Funds from Kings CED, councilor to seek out funding sources, partnership with governments at various levels, partnerships with foundations and businesses; Volunteer fundraising, use Centreville’s existing infrastructure and organizations to raise funds, grants; More say in how tax dollars are being spent in Centreville.

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