Community Development Plan


A number of the 185 tasks community members inputted into the development plan on October 26, 2000 have been implemented.

Safety & Security: Street lights at fifteen intersections, no passing lanes, Kings Transit, more police presence, home security presentation, presence of five RCMP Citizens Patrol members.

Communication: Fuel Supper list updated, improved hall sign, new hall sign, new letters for hall sign, web site, Community Patrol members on CDCDA Board of Directors, take a stand on the development of our community.

Facilities: Improve hall sign, update playground equipment, Kings Transit service to Centreville.

Development: Centreville to have a Secondary Planning Strategy. Process is to commence in 2003. Provide Centreville with a Future Development Plan.

A member of the community has worked with the appropriate government department to have Centreville placed on tourist maps of Nova Scotia.

Another member has been working with local and provincial level Emergency Health Services to reduce ambulance response time within our community by expanding the Services’ Global Positioning System mapping of Centreville.

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