Community Development Plan

Centreville District Community           Development Association

Being Informed

Community development, whether it is economic or social, needs to be closely monitored by community members. We all have differing reasons as to why we have elected to live in the Centreville District, and it would be very disruptive to our lives to have those reasons shattered by unexpected development. This fact was recognized by some of our District residents in 1997. Through their efforts the Centreville District Community Development Association (CDCDA) was formed in 1998 with the expressed aim to facilitate development in the District in cooperation with organizations and community members.

The CDCDA is a forum for your voice to be heard. There will be development in the District. Are we prepared to see our community grow without vision or a voice? We are fortunate to have this forum, otherwise it does become the decision of a few who may not share the same values for our community. With this forum, the reason people live here is maintained and what attracted people to the Centreville District will also be maintained. For those of us who bought homes here because we wanted to enjoy this lifestyle, we need to have a voice in order to maintain the lifestyle we chose.

It is a lot easier to welcome change into our community and have the guidelines and boundaries already set for this development than it is to address concerns after it has occurred. The risk is that if this community doesn’t utilize our forum and voice, these decisions will be made by someone at the planning stage who doesn’t live here or share our vision for our community’s future. The more people involved in the public meetings, the more voices heard. There is strength in numbers and, as a community in transition, we need to support this forum 100%.

Have you ever driven through a town and wondered why that beautiful house is beside that factory, or why the legion is beside the school, or a tavern beside a playground? Chances are it was once a small community that began to grow without a vision. We could be that community. We can make sure that, with this community-based voice, our vision for our community is maintained. There is an obvious difference in the communities that have had a vision and a voice and those that didn’t. We see a small fishing community in western Nova Scotia that began to grow, but maintained their identity as a small fishing community.

Traveling east, we see a historic town whose voice of the community was able to maintain their identity. There is another village not too far from us that enjoys larger historic homes. People chose to live there because of its historic Victorian charm and beauty. They had a voice and were able to preserve their identity. There are no bungalows built between historic homes, but they do exist in an area where they won’t detract from the identity of this village. They had a plan.

Another French fishing village around the Cabot Trail that is known for their hooked mats and fishing has maintained their identity through all the changes that came with development and unemployment in the area. They are known all over Canada for their vision.

As our district develops we are at risk of someone else changing our vision and becoming a community that would resemble some not too far from us. Do you care about your community’s future? Do you want to have a say? Do you appreciate those already acting on your behalf at the municipal level? If so, then show your support by getting out to the public meetings that are held. This will all work better with numbers. It is not an individual, but many, many voices that will preserve this community according to our Vision, Motto and Mission.

The CDCDA does not make the decisions regarding our community but rather acts as a forum for us,  the community, to have our voice heard. They know and take the proper avenue to represent our needs and wishes as a whole and are our voice when it counts.

Come out and support them at the public meetings.

Pam Bezanson

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