Community Development Plan

What changes are expected to take place in Centreville in the future?

  • Golf course expansion
  • New subdivisions
  • Lighting at park and improvements to park building
  • Provincial and national tournaments at the park

What does Centreville need to be a better place to live and grow?

  • Better communication between people of the community and its community groups
  • More playgrounds in subdivisions
  • Sidewalks and street lights
  • Better traffic control

What changes could be in Centreville’s future?

  • Sidewalks and street lighting
  • New high school
  • Improvements to community hall
  • Make Centreville a tourism destination
  • Make walking and fitness trails
  • Formation of a Community Development Association

The Steering Committee has found the following items to be important to our future:

Goals for Community

  1. More volunteer community leaders are needed
  2. Safety and security – sidewalks, lighting and traffic control
  3. Recreation and tourism growth would be good for Centreville
  4. Facilities for youth and adults, particularly for winter use
  5. Communication among community groups and residents
  6. Community spirit and pride
  7. Economic development funding

General concluding statements of the Steering Committee members:

  1. Centreville is a designated growth area that has no official voice as a community
  2. The community of Centreville should have a say in how it grows and develops
  3. We need to get organized
  4. We should form a non-profit, registered Community Development Association that would have access to funding sources

This association would NOT replace existing community groups or organizations.
The purpose of the association would be to allow all residents and groups of Centreville to have a voice in their community.
The association would act as an umbrella over the community and its groups to aide the groups to achieve their own goals, as well as general community goals.

Those who attended the majority of the meetings are as follows:

Steering Committee

Ceila Best
Brad Brown
Larry Hake
Betty Harper
Marilyn Kennedy
Bob Neilson
Isabel Tait

Resource people

Madonna Spinazola
Robin Marshall
Bill Butler
Jessica Patterson Cochrane

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