Community Development Plan

Overview of Development Plan

The following is an outline of the efforts of the District’s Development Association to formulate a District Development Plan based on the inputs from community members.

The District is bounded on the north by Brow Mountain Road, on the west by Rockwell Mountain Road, on the south by Lakewood Road and on the east by Gibson Woods Road. A map of the District is on the last page. A larger version is being placed in the Centreville Hall. The Centreville growth centre is within the district boundaries and is shown as the solid gray area.

The Vision for the District is: “A community based on country living nestled in a rich rural and mountainous sea coast hinterland with full access to quality urban services”.

District Motto: “A Good Place To Live And Grow”

The Mission of the Development Association is: “to provide a structure and forum to facilitate community development that includes all those activities, both acceptable and sustainable, that promote the rich rural and sea coast hinterland environment and social well being of the Community of Centreville District.”

Association Membership: The Association’s membership is open to all members of the District and to all stake holders of the District. All that is required for membership is the completion of a registration form. The Association’s current executive and board of directors is drawn from members of organizations in the District and District community and business members.

The District’s boundaries, vision, and motto, and the Association’s mission and membership have been approved by the Board of Directors.

Does your Community need such an Association? Considering that for the past 23 years the Municipal Planning Strategy has designated Centreville a Growth Centre into which urban growth is being directed; that in the arena of development there has never been a broad-based strong, single voice to represent the community/District; that development has been the domain of entrepreneurs, the Municipal Government and the Provincial Government; that governments and their agencies seldom respond well to individuals; one would conclude that the District has needed, for two decades, a broad-based strong, single voice to represent its concerns. The Centreville District Community Development Association was handed this role at the public meeting on November 28,1998. The role of the Association, however, does not in any way limit the right of individuals to address their concerns to the various levels of government.

           Prioritization of the Seven (7) Goals of the             Steering Committee Report 

Goals Priorities Totals  
  1 2 3 4 5 6 7    
SAFETY & SECURITY 30/30 4/8 4/12 6/24 6/30 3/18 12/84 65/206 1
COMMUNICATION 9/9 15/30 12/36 3/36 8/40 9/54 3/21 65/226 2
FACILITIES 8/8 20/40 7/21 9/36 7/35 11/66 3/21 65/227 3
SPIRITY & PRIDE 9/9 918 11/33 9/36 15/75 5/30 7/49 65/250 4
VOLUNTEERS 7/7 6/12 12/36 10/40 11/55 13/78 6/42 65/270 5
DEVELOPMENT 0/0 6/12 12/36 11/44 9/45 15/90 12/84 65/311 6
RECREATION & TOURISM 2/2 5/10 7/21 11/44 9/45 9/54 22/154 65/330 7
TOTALS 65/65 65/130 65/195 65/260 65/325 65/390 65/455 1820  


  • survey forms available to district community members and stakeholders
  • 65 survey forms were completed and tabulated.
  • top figures in each row and column are votes
  • bottom figures in each row and column are votes x priority.
  • sum of votes x priority figures for each row determines “importance” of associated goal
  • low sum of votes x priority figures indicates”more importance to community”
  • “1820” figure – sum of bottom figures in totals row and column (tabulation check)
  • “importance column” -goals priority as determined by 65 survey forms

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