Community Development Plan


Internal Acquire community computer/printer/copier; Communication board at post office; Community Patrol member on CDCDA Board of Directors; Community calling committee; Community organizations to focus on CDCDA as co-coordinating agency for communications to community; Community outreach, attract others; Community outreach, sell Centreville; Encourage attendance at CDCDA meetings; Expand Centreville Voice distribution; Expand Centreville Voice e-mail; Expand Centreville Voice, more contributions; Expand Centreville Voice; Fuel Supper list updated; Improve hall sign; More community focus groups; New hall sign; New letters for hall sign; Plan things that are interesting enough to attract people; Post the minutes from group and organization meetings; Sports facilities on street signs; Suggestion boxes throughout community; Take a stand on the development of our community; Telephone alerting system; Web site; Welcome sign “Welcome to Centreville”; Welcome Wagon community member; Written history of Centreville.
External Council recognition of CDCDA; Improve road signs from Hwy. 101; Media, community news in Advertiser; Media (Shaw Cable); Media (Valley Shopper); Membership in Kings CED.

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