Community Health Board

A Community Health Board (CHB) is a committed group of volunteers from the community who work to improve the health of the community. Community Health Boards look at improving the health status of the population, and not through a medical model. We look at how social and economic factors determine the health status of individuals and communities, and advocate /promote ways to improve such things as employment and working conditions, food security, social support networks, building environments, literacy, poverty, etc. We realize that there is more to health than health care and health services, and that we need to work within a broader definition to create healthier communities now and in the future.

Each CHB consists of between 9 and 15 members. Community Health Boards support the work of the Nova Scotia Health Authority (NSHA) by advising on local perspectives, trends, issues, and priorities. They play a role in facilitating an exchange of information and feedback between the community and the NSHA. We do this through making and maintaining a positive and collaborative working relationship with the NSHA and with other organizations and individuals in the community to promote health and wellness. CHB members are actively involved in knowing what is happening in the community.

Some typical activities of a CHB include:

  • being involved in workshops or group sessions in order to assess community health priorities;
  • helping to develop a health plan for their community;
  • participating on local committees or boards as a representative of the CHB;
  • attending workshops and conferences to develop and strengthen their knowledge and skills to participate effectively as a CHB member; and
  • participating in advocacy efforts planned by the CHB.

Please contact your local CHB if you would like more information or to become involved!

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Community Health Board Coordinator

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