Community Development Plan


Hall Improvements Addition to community center; Enlarge/modernize kitchen; Hall is overbooked, expand; Improve hall sign; Improve/enlarge hall parking; Repair hall foundation.
Facilities Day camp; Drop-in Center; Expand playground and update equipment for younger children; Game room for kids; Gym; Indoor/outdoor ice rinks; Museum; Pool hall; Recreation facility for youth; Swimming pool; Tourist building/bureau; Walking trails; Youth dance hall.
Activities Badminton; Boxing; Card parties; Exercise program for adults; Indoor soccer.
Research Activity coordinator; Age group survey, Demographics, What do they want; Availability of grants, etc., for building; How did other communities tackle problem? Increased availability of hall for recreation for all ages; Kings Transit service to Centreville; Rate levy to provide annual funding to maintain, manage and provide facilities for all ages; What is our return for taxes paid? Youth job bank, List of youth available for work.

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