Community Development Plan

Centreville Steering Committee Report

What are some of the changes that have taken place in Centreville over the last five -years?

  • Population growth: (627 people in 1986 and 997 people in 1996, a 59% increase)
  • The percentage of youth is growing
  • New businesses have opened
  • The Charles Macdonald House in Centreville Society Museum has opened
  • Eagle Crest Golf Course opened for business
  • New subdivisions are begin developed
  • The park and facilities have doubled in size
  • There is a new church building and AA hall
  • Tourism has increased
  • More people are walking and jogging on the streets
  • Increased traffic volumes, gravel and logging trucks
  • Speeding and illegal passing on main routes
  • Park is used for extra-curricular activities for school children

Through community volunteer efforts, Centreville has accomplished:

  • New baseball and soccer fields, hosted provincial soccer and baseball tournaments
  • Macdonald House Museum
  • Boy Scouts Recycling Bin
  • Public phone booth at Community Hall
  • The removal of unsafe buildings
  • A steering committee for managing growth in Centreville

Why live in the Centreville community?

  • Scenic country setting
  • Close to local shopping centers, hospital and ocean
  • Only one hour to Halifax and the airport
  • Friendly community
  • Low crime rate
  • Reasonable housing prices and tax rates
  • Municipal sewer system
  • Good water

Concerns that have been expressed by Centreville residents

  • Children and adults are at risk through lack of street lighting and sidewalks
  • Roads need repairs and quicker snow removal
  • No public transportation
  • No pharmacy
  • Not enough suitable places for adults and youth to meet
  • No year round recreation centre
  • No schools in Centreville
  • Community Hall needs upgrading
  • No set way for community groups to communicate with one another, i.e., newsletter

Things that could threaten Centreville:

  • As the population grows, crime may grow too
  • Increased traffic
  • Inability of the community to afford improvements
  • No community growth management

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